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Just-in-Time Order Fulfillment

With Firstar’s just-in-time (JIT) order fulfillment, you can expect delivery of product precisely when you need it. Simply let us know when you need your products and we will ensure just-in-time arrival so you can be sure your inventory is managed as efficiently as possible.

Blanket Orders for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Our JIT manufacturing services allow us to efficiently place an order for the full quantity you need and give us the dates when you need them delivered. This will not only save you money with a larger order size, but will save you time as you can expect the parts to be delivered when you need them without having to place multiple orders.

What does JIT manufacturing offer to your project?

Just-in-time manufacturing services are often the most economical and efficient option for vendors looking to minimize their inventory costs and eliminate some of the associated logistical complexity.

Essentially, JIT inventory management solutions provide you with the exact quantity of products that you need, exactly when you need them. The main advantage is cutting out warehousing costs you would otherwise pay for holding excess inventory, along with the other wasted production costs you spend on building overstock. The goal of JIT manufacturing ultimately is to set up a rapid-response production plan that perfectly balances supply with demand.

The First Name in Precision-Machining Solutions

Firstar consistently takes on the challenging contract manufacturing jobs that few providers in the industry can accommodate. We continue to expand our service offerings and search for better ways to serve our customers, maintaining our status as the authority for precision machined components. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer.