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Wire EDM

The first name in complex CNC machining solutions, Firstar Precision offers state-of-the-art wire EDM services with close-tolerance accuracy and repeatability of +/- 0.00001”. Our custom wire EDM services are suitable for a wide range of specialized machining applications in which our conventional CNC milling and turning services are incompatible.

For example, exceptionally thick metal parts can be difficult to mill and wear out the tooling. Stepped and tapered parts with precision tolerances are also often better suited for our wire EDM services.

Precision Wire EDM Services:

  • FANUC C400IA 4 Axis Wire EDM
    • Accurate to +/- 0.00001”
    • Maximum workpiece weight: 60kg
    • X-axis travel: 14.6″
    • Y-axis travel: 10.6″
    • U-axis travel: 4.72″
    • V-axis travel: 4.72″
    • Z-axis travel: 10.2″
Our machine shop utilizes FANUC’s C400IA wire EDM machine. This state-of-the-art machining system is driven by the latest servo-motor technology in conjunction with glass scales on all axes for rapid and reliable production of your precision products. Whether it’s difficult-to-machine-metals, extremely thick parts, or complex components with stepped/tapered geometries, our wire EDM capabilities can process them accurately, efficiently, and repeatably.

The Wire EDM Process Explained: Advantages and Machining Applications

High Precision and Accuracy – Wire EDM is well-known throughout the industry for its high precision and accuracy. The thin wire electrode used in the process allows Firstar to reliably produce and reproduce intricate, complex component shapes machined to extremely tight tolerances.

No Contact with Workpiece – Unlike conventional machining methods, wire EDM doesn’t involve direct contact between the tool and the workpiece. For contract manufacturers like Firstar, that means there’s less risk of tool wear, reducing the need for frequent tool changes and ensuring more consistent accuracy over time. For your products, that means the highest precision possible.

Additionally, since there is no physical contact with the workpiece, there are no cutting forces involved. This is often advantageous when working with delicate or thin-walled parts that can easily deform under conventional CNC machining methods.

Minimal Workpiece Distortion – Since there is no direct contact between the tool and the workpiece, there is a low risk of workpiece distortion or warping during the machining process. This helps further add to our ability to deliver highly accurate, consistent, and repeatable products.

Custom Machining for Hard Materials – At Firstar, we use wire EDM for effective machinability of materials that are difficult to machine using conventional methods such as exotic alloys, hardened steels, and carbides. The process relies on thermal erosion rather than the physical cutting force of a tool, so the hardness of the workpiece material doesn’t significantly affect the machining speed, quality, or repeatability.

Complex Geometries – Wire EDM excels at machining complex and intricate geometries that would be challenging to achieve with our conventional CNC milling workstations. This makes it a preferred choice for manufacturing precision tool components, molds and dies, extremely small parts, and other intricate components used in industries like aerospace, industrial manufacturing, as well as the energy and medical sectors.

Industry Experience:

  • Power Tools and Components
    • Including wire EDM-machined parts for pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and battery-powered tools.
  • Automotive Wire EDM
  • Energy Sector Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Construction and Jobsite Equipment
  • Precision Wire EDM for Aerospace Components
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Wire EDM for Complex Medical Devices

The First Name in Precision Wire EDM Solutions

Firstar Precision is one of America’s leading providers of quality wire EDM services. We are proud to say we are now a 100% employee-owned company still founded on the cornerstone of outstanding quality and customer service. We continue to take the jobs that no one else wants, expand our service offerings, and continually search for better ways to serve our customers. Our mission is to maintain our status as the authority for precision machined CNC components. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer.