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Multi-Axis Milling Machine

At Firstar Precision, our mission is to be the industry’s first authority for custom CNC-machined components through multi-axis milling and turning solutions. Located in Brunswick, Ohio, our facility’s full-service CNC machining department utilizes 4-axis and 5-axis CNC workstations with complete mill-turn capabilities – up to a 3.0” bar capacity.

The first name in custom CNC-machined components, Firstar’s multi-axis machining services deliver superior accuracy and repeatability down to 0.00001” (ten millionths) tolerances.

13 Multi-Axis Turning Centers with Mill-Turning Capabilities

  • 10 articulating head mill-turn machines. 
  • 3 conventional mill-turn machining centers.
  • 5-axis and 4-axis CNC turning with integrated milling capabilities.
  • Up to 3.0” bar capacity.

The Advantages of Firstar’s Multi-Axis CNC Mill-Turn Services:

Higher Complexity and Design Flexibility

Our multi-axis mill-turn services enable us to reliably machine the intricate shapes, complex geometries, and extremely close tolerances that are demanded throughout the modern CNC machining industry. In many product applications, the level of complexity would be extremely challenging, or even impossible to achieve on a conventional lathe setup.

In many ways, multi-axis CNC mill-turning combines the advantages of lathes and milling machines – the speed, efficiency, and cylindrical precision of turning combined with the design flexibility that milling offers for complex, machined features. The ability to move the workpiece along multiple axes allows for the creation of unique part features, like off-center holes, undercuts, and compound angles.

Essentially, our multi-axis, mill-turn processes give us complete control over cut pattern and tool axis throughout the machining process, as well as much more flexibility in collision avoidance.

Higher Quality, Precision, and Repeatability

The greater level of control ensures continuously precise positioning of the tool in relation to the workpiece, resulting in tighter tolerances and better repeatability. Additionally, with mill-turn machining, the workpiece remains securely clamped in one setup throughout multiple operations – as opposed to requiring manual removal from the machine and repositioning. This eliminates the risk of misalignment or errors that can occur when moving parts between conventional turning centers.

Simplified Setup and Reduced Cycle Time

Multi-axis CNC turning machines can perform multiple operations in a single setup. This reduces the need for manual intervention, tool changes, and repositioning, leading to significant reductions in setup time and increased productivity. Furthermore, with multi-axis turning, a single machine can perform a range of operations, such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and more. This eliminates the need to move the workpiece between different machines for different operations, resulting in streamlined manufacturing processes.

Prototyping, Product Development, and Iterative Design

Multi-axis CNC turning is often critical in the rapid prototyping and iterative design phases of a new machining project. The greater flexibility allows for quick adjustments and modifications to part designs without the need for more extensive tool changes or complicated setup processes.

A Single-Source Machine Shop Solution

Firstar’s mill-turn services provide a one-stop solution for contract manufacturing parts with precision tolerances, intricate designs, and complex custom-machined features. Our versatility eliminates the need to outsource your project to multiple machine shops, simplifying logistics and strengthening your supply chain.

The First Name in Precision Multi-Axis Mill-Turning

Firstar Precision is one of America’s leading providers of quality multi-axis milling/turning services. We are proud to say we are now a 100% employee-owned company still founded on the cornerstone of outstanding quality and customer service. We continue to take the jobs that no one else wants, expand our service offerings, and continually search for better ways to serve our customers. Our mission is to maintain our status as the authority for precision-machined CNC components. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer.