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CNC Manufacturing Services

Firstar has the experience, expertise, and production capabilities necessary to take your manufacturing needs from concept to completion. We offer end-to-end manufacturing services – from material sourcing to machining and post-production processing.

We will manage all aspects of the manufacturing process to bring finished product to your dock. Our production management solutions include raw material purchasing, CNC machining, heat treating, plating, grinding, gear cutting, and many other specialized services that we can either perform in-house or we can utilize our established network of trusted partners.

At Firstar, our goal is to assure every customer that when they place a purchase order with us, they can expect delivery of finished, high-quality parts delivered on time. If you don’t want your entire order at once, we can handle that, too. From purchasing the raw materials to delivering the final product, our goal is to streamline the start of your project and simplify your ongoing supply chain.

Single-Source American Machining Solutions:

Raw Material Sourcing

Every custom machining project must begin with quality material sourcing. Firstar purchases premium raw materials from our well-vetted vendor network. From purchasing the raw materials to delivering the final product, our goal is to streamline the start of your project and simplify your supply chain.

CNC Machining Services

Once we source the raw materials, the next step is to machine them exactly according to your custom product design and specifications. Firstar provides a full suite of CNC machining services, including two-axis turning, horizontal/vertical milling, as well as multi-axis mill-turning and wire EDM to produce the widest range of components possible.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop offers all of the tools necessary to transform our raw materials into your precision-built products.

Secondary Machining Operations

In addition to full-service CNC machining capabilities, Firstar provides a range of secondary machining operations to offer even more flexibility to your project. From precision metal-grinding operations to custom gear-cutting operations, we can tackle virtually any complex custom-machining project.

Heat Treating and Plating

If your finished products require heat treating or custom plating options, Firstar can tackle this aspect of your project as well. Our quality heat-treating and metal-plating solutions can enhance the strength, performance, and aesthetics of your products while saving you from the logistical complication of sourcing a custom metal treatment shop.

The First Name in Precision Machining Solutions

Firstar Precision is one of America’s leading providers of quality CNC machining and precision-machining services. We are proud to say we are now a 100% employee-owned company still founded on the cornerstone of outstanding quality and customer service.

Firstar consistently takes on the challenging contract manufacturing jobs that few providers in the industry can accommodate. We continue to expand our service offerings and search for better ways to serve our customers, maintaining our status as the authority for precision-machined components. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer.