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The First Authority for Precision CNC Machined Products

At Firstar Precision Corporation, our mission is to be the first name in precision machined products. We provide complete CNC machining services and end-to-end manufacturing solutions capable of streamlining virtually any project – from product design and development to final delivery.

Our company specializes in on-demand, just-in-time order fulfillment supported by a highly efficient kanban system. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities combined with our inventory management services are orchestrated to simplify and strengthen the supply chain of your products.

Custom Machining, Product Development, and Inventory Management:

End-to-End Manufacturing

Firstar has the experience, personnel, and vendor network to take your manufacturing needs all the way from concept through delivery.

Just-in-Time Order Fulfillment

With our just-in-time order fulfillment, you can expect delivery of product precisely when you need it. Let us know when and we will have it there just-in-time so you can be sure your inventory is managed as efficiently as possible.

Kanban Program

We employ a highly efficient kanban program which ensures we can stock parts at our facility that are ready when you need them.

Design for Manufacturability

Firstar applies design for manufacturability (DFM) throughout the product development process to ensure your final products are optimized for the machining process, improving quality, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness.

Complete CNC Machining Services:

Complete multi-axis CNC mill-turning services. 4-axis and 5-axis CNC workstations with a 3.0” bar capacity, capable of accuracy and repeatability down to 0.00001” (ten millionths) tolerances.

High-speed, high-capacity two-axis CNC turning services with 2.0” bar capacity and 12’ bar feeders, likewise capable of 0.00001” (ten millionths) tolerances.

Highly flexible horizontal and vertical CNC milling services capable of producing a wide range of custom machined components.

Precision wire EDM services with close-tolerance accuracy of +/- .0001, suitable for many specialized machining applications which are incompatible with conventional turning and milling operations.

Laser marking, engraving, and etching services commonly used to add traceability features to machined products like part numbers, barcodes, and serial numbers.

Custom CNC gear shaping and precision gear cutting services for AGMA Class 10 gearing components.

OD grinding capabilities for components up to 12” diameter with a maximum workpiece weight of 176 lbs.

Our custom machining services are rounded out with horizontal honing, offering a maximum stroke length of 6.7” or power stroking at 4.0” lengths.

Superior American CNC Machining Services Since 2000

“If you want quality parts with outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place. With our end-to-end manufacturing process, you can place one PO with Firstar and know that you’re getting finished, quality parts, on time. We’ve built our operations around this philosophy and continue improving it every day. If you have a complex part, we’ll manufacture it for you, if you have tight inventory requirements, we’ll stock it for you, and most importantly, if you need quality, you won’t find anyone better than Firstar.”

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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified American Manufacturer

Firstar consistently takes on the challenging jobs that few competing machine shops can accommodate. For more than two decades we’ve continually expanded our CNC machining capabilities and quality control processes, maintaining our status as the industry authority for USA-made precision parts and components.

Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, our company has evolved into a leading provider of custom machining services for the greater Midwest region and beyond. Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer committed to delivering superior quality with every product, backed by superior customer service and support.

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