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OD Grinding

The first name in precision-machined products, Firstar provides outside diameter (OD) grinding services with superior accuracy and repeatability, capable of accommodating complex, close-tolerance manufacturing requirements. We offer highly flexible OD grinding capabilities for components up to a maximum 12” diameter and weighing up to 176 lbs.

Precision OD Grinding for Components up to 12” Diameter

  • OD Grinding Services – Distance between centers of 12”, maximum 12” diameter, and maximum workpiece weight of 176 lbs.

The OD Grinding Process Explained:

Outside diameter (OD) grinding is a precision-machining process that we use to precisely grind the outer surface or circumference of a cylindrical workpiece. Firstar commonly utilizes our OD grinding services to achieve tight exterior tolerances, smooth surface finishes, and precise dimensional accuracy on virtually any part with a cylindrical or spherical design. Some of our most common OD ground components include shafts, rods, tubes, cylinders, and casings.

  • Workpiece Setup – First, we mount the cylindrical workpiece securely between centers on the grinding machine. The workpiece is centered and aligned with precision to ensure totally accurate material removal throughout the grinding process.
  • Grinding Wheel Selection – For each custom OD grinding project, we choose a grinding wheel with a unique level of abrasiveness based on the material of the workpiece and the desired finish. The choice of grinding wheel depends on factors like material hardness, surface finish requirements, and the size and shape of the workpiece.
  • Grinding Operation – Next is the actual OD grinding process. We carefully control the grinding wheel to remove excess material through abrasion, continuing until the specified outer diameter, surface finish, and exact dimensional accuracy are achieved.
  • Ensuring Dimensional Accuracy – Our OD grinding systems are equipped with precise controls and measurement systems to monitor and adjust the grinding process in real time. Highly customizable control ensures that the final dimensions and surface finish of the workpiece meet all of your exact specifications.

The First Name in OD Grinding and Precision Metalworking Solutions

Firstar consistently takes on the challenging contract manufacturing jobs that few providers in the industry can accommodate – whether it’s complex CNC-machined components or precision OD grinding services. We continue to expand our production capabilities to better serve our customers and the ever-evolving industry. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer and full-service machine shop.