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CNC Turning Center

At Firstar Precision, our mission is to be the foremost authority for custom CNC-turned parts and quality American machined products.

Located in Brunswick, Ohio, our facility’s primary CNC turning department utilizes 2-axis lathes featuring 12’ bar feeders and a 2.0” bar capacity. The first name in precision-machined components, Firstar’s CNC turning services deliver superior accuracy and repeatability down to 0.00001” (ten millionths) tolerances.

2-Axis CNC Turning Centers

  • 2.0” bar capacity
  • 12’ bar feeders
  • 0.00001” (ten millionths) accuracy

Quick-Turn CNC Solutions for Rapid Turnaround

Our company reliably provides CNC quick-turn services with minimal lead times. Whether you require rapid turnaround for critical parts or you’re simply seeking a faster, more flexible delivery schedule, Firstar delivers speed along with uncompromised precision.

Utilizing lean manufacturing processes in conjunction with just-in-time (JIT) scheduling and kanban inventory management, we provide customers with a simplified path to production as well as a streamlined, more reliable supply chain.

The Advantages of the Firstar CNC Turning Solutions:

Higher Precision and Complexity – Our CNC turning services provide exceptional precision and accuracy that today’s customers expect. We can turn simple or intricate parts reliably, repeatably, and with exceptional precision. Our two-axis CNC turning machines are especially suited for economically producing complex radial shapes and conical components that are exceptionally difficult or time-consuming to achieve using manual machining methods – or even CNC milling.

Better Repeatability – CNC turning allows for the production of identical parts with minimal variation – even for complex components with close-tolerance machining features approaching 0.00001”. This is crucial for many of today’s industries that require the highest consistency possible in their products, especially aerospace and medical applications.

Higher Efficiency – CNC turning can be used to create a wide range of parts – from simple cylindrical shapes to more complex geometries, such as tapers, threads, and contours. The automation of the machining process in CNC turning reduces human intervention, leading to increased production efficiency and shorter lead times. Since CNC turning is automated, it requires fewer operators, resulting in reduced labor costs compared to traditional manual machining.

Industry Experience

  • Power Tools and Components
    • Including turned parts for pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and battery-powered tools.
  • Automotive Turning Services
  • Energy Sector Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Construction and Jobsite Equipment
  • Precision-Turned Aerospace Parts
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Complex CNC-Turned Medical Components

Quick-Turn American CNC Machining Solutions

Firstar Precision is one of America’s leading providers of quality CNC turning services. We are proud to say we are now a 100% employee-owned company still founded on the cornerstone of outstanding quality and customer service. We continue to take the jobs that no one else wants, expand our service offerings, and continually search for better ways to serve our customers. Our mission is to maintain our status as the authority for precision-machined CNC components. Based out of Brunswick, Ohio since 2000, Firstar is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer.