We are Proud to offer the following Machining services:

Multi-Axis Turning Centers

5-axis and 4-axis turning machines with milling capabilities. Up to 3.0 bar capacity.

2-Axis Turning Centers

2.0 bar capacity, 12’ bar feeders, .00001 (ten millionths) accuracy

Horizontal and Vertical CNC Mills

Horizontal Mills – dual 400mm pallets and full b-axis capability, x-axis travel 22”, y-axis travel 22”, z-axis travel 24.8”, spindle 14,000 rpm, 60-tool magazine

Vertical Mills – Full a-axis capability, x-axis travel of 41.3”, y-axis travel of 20.9”, z-axis travel of 20.1”, spindle 12,000 rpm, 30-tool magazine

Wire EDM

Our FANUC C400IA Wire EDM is accurate to +/- .0001. The machine features an X-axis travel of 14.6″, Y-axis travel of 10.6″, and a Z-axis travel of 10.2″.

Laser Etch with Indexer

Trumpf TruMark Station 5000 with maximum workpiece dimension of 26.7″ x 19.68″ x 27.5″. Maximum x-axis travel of 11.8″, Y-axis travel of 11.8″ and Z-Axis travel of 19.6″.

CNC Gear Shaper​

Fellows 10-4 with a maximum internal/external pitch diameter of 10″ and a maximum internal/external face width of 4″.