We are Proud to offer the following Machining services:

Multi-Axis Turning Centers

5-axis and 4-axis turning machines with milling capabilities. Up to 3.0 bar capacity.

2-Axis Turning Centers

2.0 bar capacity, 12’ bar feeders, .00001 (ten millionths) accuracy

Horizontal and Vertical CNC Mills

Horizontal Mills – dual 400mm pallets and full b-axis capability, x-axis travel 22”, y-axis travel 22”, z-axis travel 24.8”, spindle 14,000 rpm, 60-tool magazine

Vertical Mills – Full a-axis capability, x-axis travel of 41.3”, y-axis travel of 20.9”, z-axis travel of 20.1”, spindle 12,000 rpm, 30-tool magazine

Wire EDM

Our FANUC C400IA Wire EDM is accurate to +/- .0001. The machine features an X-axis travel of 14.6″, Y-axis travel of 10.6″, and a Z-axis travel of 10.2″.

Laser Etch with Indexer

Trumpf TruMark Station 5000 with maximum workpiece dimension of 26.7″ x 19.68″ x 27.5″. Maximum x-axis travel of 11.8″, Y-axis travel of 11.8″ and Z-Axis travel of 19.6″.

CNC Gear Shaper​

Fellows 10-4 with a maximum internal/external pitch diameter of 10″ and a maximum internal/external face width of 4″.

Outside Diameter Grinding

Distance between centers of 12”, maximum 12” diameter, and maximum workpiece weight of 176 lbs.

Studer Grinder
Sunnen Hone Machine

Horizontal Honing

Maximum stroke length, 6.7”, power stroking 4.0”